Advanced Massage Therapy

About David Klick, Professional Massage Therapist

My name is David Klick. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon and have been giving licensed massage therapy treatments for 30 years. I live and work in Southwest Portland, in the Maplewood neighborhood (which is near Multnomah Village). Click here to read about what to expect at your first appointment.

Relax in a Beautiful Spa Environment

Get started on your relaxation therapy with a stroll through our beautiful gardens. I'm into sustainability, and have created a beautiful sanctuary for local birds and wildlife, as well as for people. I have natural plantings and a stocked pond.

I put in an eco-roof (a lightweight vegetated roof made up of grasses) to capture and evaporate rainfall, lower the temperature of storm water, and create cool stream temperatures for fish. It also improves outdoor air quality and provides more wildlife habitat for my neighborhood.

Cycle Oregon Massage Therapist

I am a veteran member of the Cycle Oregon Massage Team. You may have read about me in the Oregonian article by Torsten Kjellstrand:

"He found sore spots I simply don't talk to people about, and he made them hurt a bit, then he made them stop hurting. I could get used to this..."

Sports Massage and the Great Outdoors

I enjoy bike-riding (instead of driving), and am working on outfitting my electric bike so it can carry groceries and get me around town for all my errands. I'm an avid hiker and camper. Some of my trips include cross country ski and snow camping at Crater Lake, cross-country skiing into the multiple Lookout Towers, and ski hutting and backpacking dozens of timberline rim loops.

I am also a founding Timbers season ticket holder and a soccer and baseball player.

Because I love the outdoors and the people who like to play in it, I have a special focus on sports massage and helping people who have aches and pains and sprains recover from sports injuries. I also specialize in performance enhancement therapies for those who strive to meet big goals and want to be operating at their best. I also love to help people relax.

About the Therapeutic Massage Center Experience

The therapy room is decked out in natural woods and linens, and the heated massage table is the ultimate in comfort.

We'll start off your appointment with you telling me how you're feeling and if you have any injured or painful areas you want to address for pain relief, or avoid as needed. I'll get an idea of what you're looking for whether it's relaxation and stress relief, myofascial release (for treatment of pain and constriction), or deep tissue sports massage.

I can focus on your hands and feet and work in towards your core if you want to relax and get some reflexology, or focus on your back and core areas to treat spasms and adhesions and work out toward your hands and feet for a generalized tension and pain release session.

This private massage center is hidden away in a peaceful, forested neighborhood far from the bustle of traffic. Come and visit and you'll feel like you took a mini-vacation. Click here for directions.